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About Me



I am grateful to be able to share my passion, offering skincare therapies                                                       and insight to selfcare 

                  Together we can achieve and maintain a personal wellness                                                             that starts from WITHIN!


I find most people who are looking for someone to take care of them,

whether it be their smile, their kitchen, or their skin, everyone wants the same thing : someone they trust, who provides a quality service, education, conversation and most of all support.


Born and raised in NYC, I started my career as a Dental Hygienist.

I began in a private practice caring for young children and adults, then at LIJ Medical Center- primarily taking care of medically compromised patients. An adventure moved my husband and I to Key West Florida. My skills allowed me to practice in a town that needed the experienced Hygienist I had become.


I loved my work and community service.  After 15 years of practice, I made a change and my creative energy allowed me to spend the next 15 years  designing and selling custom kitchens.   Educating and supporting clients every step of the way, for every job I sold and managed.


Since Key West was such a small town, the  joke would be that I had either been in your mouth or in your kitchen... And sometimes BOTH!!


That finally leads me to Skincare. We had a vacation home in the mountains of NC. We decided to leave the sun, the sea, and the hurricanes of Key West  for a new adventure in our mountain home. It also was the perfect opportunity for a  new career.  I admit it- I am a Skincare Junkie! I Love products-  the gentle kind filled with organic herbs, and healthy vitamins that feed and restore your skin- offering health and vitality in a most holistic way.


I followed my passion,  went back to school and received my Aesthetician License. After 3 years of Skincare in NC,  I was given the amazing opportunity to come back to NYC to manage my brother's  Wellness Center- Longevity Health. As a bonus, I found a place to pracitice skincare my way, in the most nuturing location of all.


I had come full circle and as I have been told-

"Sometimes right back where you started from, is where you belong"


So... if you want to have quality skincare, at comfortable pricing, in the most supportive way possible.... Come and see me.  You will not be disappointed.




  • Licensed in NY State & North Carolina

  • Certified in Oncology Skin Therapeutics™

  • Advanced training in: 

       Aesthetic Skin Manipulations

       Organic vs. Toxic Skincare

       Skin Therapies & Massage with Gemstones


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