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All sessions are customized, based on your skin's needs at the time of treatment.

As the seasons change, or different physical and emotional stresses occur in your body occur,  you may require specific modalities or products to treat your skin's condition.


You may use the description below as a guideline of what I can offer you at the time of treatment.

Please feel free to contact me if you are not quite sure of what your needs may be and we can determine the best session time to suite your first visit. 



No time for a full session, but need a mid-day break

Enjoy a gentle cleanse, add warm tea infused towels, exfoliation,  pressure point treatment and hydration.

Leaves you feeling REFRESHED and ready to finish the day!



Feeling like you need a shift 

Treat yourself to an amazing experience utilizing the power of Gemstones.

Start with gemstone hydrotherapy and warm tea infused towels, followed by a gentle exfoliation and pressure point treatment.  Add the herbal serum blend specific to your skincare needs, enhanced by a powerful gemstone massage.  Finish with a nourishing mask, and  hand treatment 

Leaves you feeling REBALANCED and as if you spent the day in a spa!


*Gentle extractions will be performed as necessary and may require additional time  


This treatment is designed to cleanse, exfoliate, and nourish the hard to reach area of the your BACK. The combination of Teas, Salts and Clays along with gentle extractions and warm towels is followed with an appropriate serum. 

Your back will feel RENEWED and ready for any season.


If you have specific skin care issues, desire to achieve better functionality,

or just want REGULAR care - Package rates are available

Pricing based on specific needs

please email or call to discuss with Tami personally..  

305 394-2427


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